Tae Park Tae Kwon Do World Class Virtual 2020 Tournament

Tournament date is 11-14-2020

About the registration: On the homepage is the schedule of events, rules and a message indicating the cost which will be $20 for one event and $5 for each additional event.  The participant will register for their first event and at the end will have an option to revisit the events page and pick another event.  Each event will be added to their cart and at checkout will see the total cost 

Videos: When a participant selects an event that is video they will receive an email with a link to upload their video and use the same link if they have registered for more than one event.  They will be required to include their name, the event and belt level.  We will have a separate link to access all the videos.  It will have filters for us to sort by event and belt level.  This will help us locate and sort videos when judging.

Live Registration: This option is no different than when someone registered in the past. 

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The following is a link to the landing page, which is under construction at this time.

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2020 Virtual State Games of Michigan – Are Open !!

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World Class Tae Kwon Do Tournament Registration Is Open

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2018 Tae Park-WCTKD Tournament & Testing

Friday, November 9, 2018 – National Testing Photos

As tradition dictates, Tae Park Tae Kwon Do held its annual black belt testing on Friday November 9 at the Comstock Park venue this year. This testing is the second part of the promotion for all 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Dan black belts. They are required to complete basic techniques, form, sparring and board breaking. The test is broken up into 3 ring, with Master instructors scoring the candidates. Congratulations to all of the new black belts! The event was conducted by Senior Master Peter May and his assistant Ms. Yvette Simon.

Saturday, November 10, 2018 – Tournament Photos

The tournament registration opened at 7:00 AM for the 455 events that were hosted at the event. The competitors were lined by 8:45 andfollowed by the Opening Ceremonies. This year we welcomed a total of 5 new Master promotions. Three new 5th Dans: Master Lemon Williams, Master Betty Henderson and Master Larry Feuerstein. We also received two new 8th Dans: Grand Master Mark Good and Grand Master Lynn Bernard. Following that, the tournament was under way by 10:30, which included forms, one step, kicking, breaking, sparring and our Grand Champion events. The group of volunteers worked very hard and was able to complete the event by 3:30 with only 8 rings, which did include a lunch break and a demonstration. As always, this was a great event and we look forward to it again next year.   We are slated for November 8-9, 2019!!

These are general photos.

These are photos of One Step Sparring.

These are photos of the form competition.

These are photos of the sparring competition.

These are photos of the Breaking Event.

These are photos of the Kicking Event.
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November Tournament Registration


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November Tournament Update

WCTKD and Tae Park TKD is proud to announce that this years ‘World Class Tae Park Taekwondo Championships’ will be taking place on November 10, 2018 with the organizations black belt testing being held on Friday November 9, 2018!! The NEW venue will be Comstock Park High School at 150 6 Mile Rd., NE Comstock Park MI 49321!! New location, new look but the same exciting events!! Free Parking!! Easy access off 131. See you There?!!

Posted 05/08/2018

Upcoming Tournaments for 2018

June 6, 2018 – State Games of Tennessee in Knoxville TN – will offer Tae Kwon Do hosted by WCTKD under the Direction of Master Betty and Commissioner Junior Grand Master Dennis Lewis.

June 25, 2018-State Games of Michigan in Grand Rapids MI – will offer Tae Kwon Do hosted by WCTKD under the Direction Senior Master Robert Klingbeil and Assistant Director Master Patricia Ramos.

November 2018-Tae Park Taekwondo World Class Championships in Grand Rapids MI – with a date and location to be announced.

Posted 04/01/2018

2017 Tae Park-WCTKD Tournament Wrapped Up

2017 Annual Tournament and Black Belt testing wrap up.
As another successful year winds down for Tae Park Taekwondo and it’s non-profit W.C.T.K.D. we can reflect on last weekend’s events.

Friday, November 10, 2017
Tae Park Taekwondo held its annual Organization wide black belt testing at the Ford Fieldhouse in Grand Rapids, MI. 84 1st, 2nd and 3rd Dan black belts completed their promotion in rank by doing forms, sparring and breaking as dictated by the rules of W.C.T.K.D. Senior Master Peter May had his first year as host of the event with Ms. Yvette Simon assisting to organize the event. Three rings with invited Master judges judged and scored the test candidates. CONGRATULATIONS!!! Following the test there was an annual Masters meeting for the final prelude to Saturdays competition.

Saturday, November 11, 2017
Registration started at 7:00AM for the over 430 events that were hosted at the event. It was held on Veterans Day and we honored our veterans with reduced admission price as well as a moment of silence. THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU DO VETERANS!! Line-up was completed by 9:00AM and Opening ceremonies which honored Junior Grand Master James Rodgers, for his 15 years as Tournament Director and Senior Master William Golombisky for his years as Black Belt Testing Director. New Masters received their new rank black belts: Master Sheri Benedict 4 Dan, Master John Sanderson 5 Dan, Senior Master Susan Lofquist 6 Dan and Senior Master Robert Klingbeil 6 Dan. A special tribute was given by Grand Master Rick Warren to Grand Master Woon Kyu Uhm who passed away on June 10, 2017 in Seoul Korea. He was an Instructor to Grand Master Tae Zee Park and visted us for our 2011 World Class Tae Park Taekwondo Championships. He will be missed for his deep love and respect of the art of taekwondo and in particular Chung Do Kwan. With over 430 events taking place throughout the day and an intermission that had demonstrations from the Michigan Tournament team as well as special guest Lewis Institute Mid-South demo team. Some of the competition included the Grand Champion and Junior Grand Champion divisions where the entrants garnered points in 3 categories of forms, sparring and breaking. All events concluded by 4:30PM.

Here are some photos from the tournament.

These are general photos. 

These are photos of the demo. 

These are photos of the form and one step competition.nbsp;

These are photos of the sparring competition. 

These are photos of the Breaking Event. 

These are photos of the Grand Champion Event. 

Master Randy Wrona hosted the after-party at The Bluffs on 28th St. SE. 175 attendees enjoyed excellent food and beverages followed by music provided by Jason Bercuinas.
Next years event is ‘in the works’ with a tentative date of 2-3, 2018!! Venue and additional information to come!!! >ul>Lewis Institute Tae Park 2018 National Seminar & Testing

taking place in Paducah Kentucky in April.

Respectfully submitted,
Senior Master Susan Lofquist
Tae Park TKD-WCTKD National Tournament Director

Posted 11/21/17

2017 Tae Park-WCTKD Tournament

Registration is opening for the November 11, 2017. Also note that registration for breaking closes on 11/4/17 at midnight.


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2017 State Games of America

World Class Tae Kwon Do is proud to be the Host for the State Games of America being held in Grand Rapids Michigan on August 3-5, 2017!!
Registration is already underway at:

State Games of America

Also click here to see the flyer.

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2017 Tae Park-WCTKD Tournament

November 10-11, 2017 are the dates of this years Tae Park-WCTKD tournament in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The organization Black Belt testing will be held on Friday with the National tournament being held on Saturday.

Hope to see you there!
Senior Master Susan Lofquist
National Tae Park-WCTKD Tournament Director

Posted 6/4/2017

Images from the November Tournament

Here are some photos from the tournament.

These are general photos. 

These are photos of breaking. 

These are photos of the form competition.nbsp;

These are photos of the sparring competition. 

Posted 12/16/2016

November Events wrap up 2016 with a resounding ‘Yes we can’!

MASTERS TEST: Friday afternoon, November 11, the Marriott Courtyard in Grand Rapids, MI USA was the site of the Masters level testing where three candidates testing to the levels of 5 and 6 Dan gathered.  Guest judges included Grand Master Jong Dai Moon of Cleveland, Ohio; Master Chung Soo Han from New Jersey, New Jersey; Grand Master Nam Suk Kim of Los Angles, California and observing was Grand Master Sung Chun Hong from Manila, Philippines.  Also in attendance at the testing was Junior Grand Master James Rodgers, Junior Grand Master Lynn Bernard of Pinedale, Wyoming and Grand Master Richard Warren of Glenview Illinois


Pictured left to right: Grand Master Tae Zee Park, Master Chung Soo Han, Junior Grand Master Mark D. Good, Grand Master Nam Suk Kim, Grand Master Sung Chun Hong and Grand Master Jong Dai Moon.


Pictured left to right back row: Master John Sanderson, Master Susan Lofquist, Master Robert Klingbeil

Front row left to right: Grand Master Richard Warren, Grand Master Jong Dai Moon, Grand Master Nam Suk Kim, Master Chung Soo Han, observer Grand Master Sung Chun Hong and Junior Grand Master Lynn Bernard

BLACK BELT TESTING: Grand Rapids Community College/Ford Fieldhouse was the venue for the Tae Park Taekwondo Black Belt Ceremony with Director, Senior Master William Golombisky and volunteers from Tae Park Taekwondo officiating at this the second half of their Black Belt testing for the varying levels of 1 Dan to 3 Dan.  Thirty seven students tested for 1 Dan, thirteen for 2 Dan and four for 3 Dan.  As part of the belting ceremony, Grand Master Richard Warren led all the candidates in reciting the ‘Black Belt Oath’.  After the ceremony Grand Master Warren said, “I’m very happy and for all the students who successfully tested today.  They made their instructor’s proud.  Today’s belting ceremony recognized their great effort and achievement.  The Master Instructor tying the new belt on their student for the first time symbolizes this combined student-Instructor accomplishment.”


A Master Instructor meeting was held following the ceremony to complete preparations for the next days event.

Saturday, November 12 was the day of the ‘Tae Park Taekwondo World Class Championships’!  The day started with a lineup of more than 461 competitors who welcomed the special guests and honored our New Master Instructors:


Anthony Guastella


Rodney Bean


Immediately following was a special Tribute to Junior Grand Master Mark D. Good who has been a practicing member of Tae Park Taekwondo who has been teaching taekwondo for over 40 years!


A Good Institute Picture

Tae Park Taekwondo World Class Championships:


At 10:00 AM the events of Black Belt forms, Board Breaking and Basic Kicking were kicked off with competition for Grand Champion and Junior Grand Champion (male/female) centering for optimal viewing.  The half-time program was conducted by Good Institute student, Master Randy Wrona, and showcased several members of Good Institute for the spectators.




The afternoon was kicked off with the ‘finals’ for Grand Champion/Junior Grand Champions sparring.  There was a very exciting display of some of the best of the best within the Tae Park organization.  The crowd was appreciative and enjoyed the awarding to the winners:  Mr. Sam Decker (GC), Ms. Elle Bennett (JGC) and Mr. Zachary Van Dyke (JGC).  The competition for color belts was started with white belts and continued to the conclusion of the event at 5:00 PM.

The Bluffs was the location for the After-Party with Hosts-Master and Mrs. Randy Wrona and over 200 attendees who dined on excellent food and danced the night away to DJ Jason Berciunas music.


April 7-8, 2017 is the Tae Park Seminar hosted by Lewis Institute of Tae Park Mid-South TKD Association in Paducah, KY!

June 10 is the State Games of Tennessee in Knoxville, TN hosted by WCTKD and staffed with the leadership of Lewis Institute of Tae Park Mid-South TKD Association.

August 3, 2017 is the Kick-off of the State Games of America-Nationals to be held in Grand Rapids Michigan and WCTKD will be the host organization for the Taekwondo event.

We are very appreciative of our special guests, competitors and families who work together to make this event the very best of what we offer taekwondo.

Next years ‘Tae Park Taekwondo World Class Championships’ event is tentatively scheduled for November 11, 2017!

Posted 11/20/2016


World Class Tae Park Taekwondo Championships

Registration:  CLICK HERE

tptkd logo - 150

  • Date: November 12, 2016
  • Location:
    • Grand Rapids Community College
      Ford Fieldhouse

Tae Park Taekwondo Black Belt Testing


  • Date: November 11, 2016
  • Location:
    • Grand Rapids Community College
      Ford Fieldhouse


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Tae Park Tae Kwon Do World Class Championships 9th Dan Grand Master Tae Zee Park Special Guest Grand Masters Nam Souk Kim, 9th Dan (California) Mung Ho Lee, 8th Dan (Poland) Grand Master Richard Warren, 8th Dan Tournament Director Susan Lofquist, 5th Dan

Grand Champion Forms Grand Champion Breaking Grand Champion Sparring

Team Form Basic Kicking Breaking

Form More forms Sparring General

Tae Park Tae Kwon Do
World Class Championships

On November 6, 2015 World Class Tae Kwon Do hosted the Tae Park Taekwondo Black Belt testing followed on the 7th by the World Class Championships. The events were held at Grand Rapids Community College Ford Fieldhouse in downtown Grand Rapids.

On Friday evening, 43 members of Tae Park TKD did their final phase of black belt testing for levels of black belt 1-3 Dan. Senior Master William Golombisky and his support staff organized the testing which ended with each Institute under the umbrella of Tae Park TKD awarding the new black belts to the test candidates with their certificates. The event was followed by a Masters meeting held at the Fold Fieldhouse in preparation for the following days tournament.

On Saturday the tournament was kicked off by Tournament Director Master Susan Lofquist and greetings from Grand Master Rick Warren. Very special guests at this years event were:

Grand Master Nam Souk Kim 9th Dan (California)
Grand Master Mung Ho Lee 8th Dan (Poland)
Master Rick Grimm (student of GM Nam Souk Kim) (Kansas)

The event had 453 event entries, a fantastic showing, surpassing last years event!

A new event ‘basic kicking’ was introduced and directed by Master Lemon Williams II with 35 competitors entering the event. Other events that were offered were Board Breaking directed by Masters Troy Eckert and Larry Arthur. Traditional events of forms, one-step sparring and sparring were also offered.

As an opportunity to be ‘The Best’ WCTKD offers the events of Grand Champion (18 and over) and Junior Grand Champion (15-17) in both male and female divisions. To win these coveted events you must collect the most cumulative points in the three events of 1. Breaking 2. Forms and 3. Sparring. This years event was dominated by Lewis Institute of Tae Park Taekwondo Mid South Taekwondo Association participants who took home Grand Champion Male (Mr. Sebastian Alonzo-Warmath Institute) and both male and female Junior Grand Champion (Ms. Kaitlyn Howard-King Institute and Mr. William Forlifer-King Institute). New York’s Nicole O’Grady-Good Institute, took home Grand Champion-female.

Competitors traveled from across the US to participate from the states of: Tennessee, Kentucky, Alabama, Ohio, New York, Kansas and of course all over Michigan.

Plans are already underway for November ‘2016’ .

Thank you to all who attended participated and worked so hard to make this event a huge success. Also Thank you to Jennifer Eckert for take so many of the photos for us.

Master Susan Lofquist
Tae Park TKD National -WCTKD Tournament Director

Posted 12/3/2015

Good Institute Student receives the 2015 Male Athlete of the Year award”

Please join me with Junior Grand Master Mark Good in congratulating Mike Droste on being awarded the “2015 (Male) Athlete of the Year” from this year’s Meijer State Games of Michigan! Great job Mike, keep up the hard work.

World Class Tae Kwon Do – Facebook posting

State Games of Michigan Article

Posted 12/23/2015

Tournament Update

Announcing the November 7, 2015
World Class Tae Kwon Do Championships
Ford Fieldhouse-Grand Rapids Community College
Grand Rapids, Michigan

This years event is shaping up to be even more exciting than previous as we offer new events along with the traditional.

Click here to register for the tournament.

Area hotels are offering discounted rates, Click here to email/contact Mr. Erik Veen for details.

The goal is to exceed last years ‘437’ registrants! We are Michigans Premier Traditional Tae Kwon Do Event!

Tournament open to ‘Tae Park Taekwondo’ members only!!

Master Susan Lofquist
Tae Park TKD National – WCTKD Tournament Director

Posted 10/3/2015

Tournament Update

On-line Tournament Registration Is Open!

This is the link that will be used to access on-line registration for the 2015 WCTKD tournament.

A few changes:

All rules are under one document with the exception of Grand Champion on the home page
Team form competition will only be in pairs
New event – Basic kicking

Click here to register for the tournament.

Posted 09/27/2015

Tournament Update
Referee Training

In preparation for the upcoming 2015 World Class Tae Park Tournament, Master Harshbarger and I would like to communicate a couple referee training opportunities.

For Central and Eastern MI Institutes:

Date: October 17th, 2015
Time: 2:00p-4:00p
Location: Tae Park TKD Central Studio – Jackson Y-Center 127 W. Wesley St. Jackson, MI 49201

For Northern and Western MI Institutes:

Date: October 24th, 2015
Time: 1:00p-4:00p
Location: Orchard Hill Reformed Church 1465 3 Mile Rd. NW Grand Rapids, MI 49544

Referee Training Agenda:

Review current rules for the 2015 World Class Tae Park Taekwondo Tournament (Traditional & Grand Champion) (Revised for 2015)
Review and practice proper WTF hand commands for form, breaking, basic kicking referees
Review and practice proper WTF hand commands for sparring referees. Includes: starting, breaking, continuing and stopping a match. How to issue penalties and award and announce