Scholarship Application

The 2020 scholarship program will be open from March 1st 2020 to August 30th, 2020.

All entries must be post marked on or before 08/30/2020.

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Scholarships Awarded


to be determined – USA

to be determined – USA

to be determined – USA

to be determined – USA

to be determined – USA

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Austin Dech – USA

Elliana James – USA

Emily Davise – USA

Evelyn Pae – USA

Jenny Lee – USA

Micah Haley – USA

Rachel Furge – USA


Christian Benedict – USA

Madeline English – USA

Maria Kohane – USA

Kevin Hadley – USA

Hannah Lee – USA

Krysta Cashen – USA

Hong Can-Ki – Korea

Honh Jong In – Korea

Seol-Hui Yoon – Korea


Andrea Sanderson – USA

Christopher Bell – USA

Curtis Ford – USA

John Earl – USA

Sushanth Sunil – USA


Lakyn Piotrowski – USA

Maria Kohane – USA

Rachel Costain – USA

Rachel Davis – USA

Young Lee – USA

Daeho Choi – Korea *

Jeon Ye Won – Korea *

Woo-Yeon Kim – Korea * news below

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All of our International winners attend Sung Kyun Kwan University

2016 Recipient News

Woo-Yeon Kim, is one of 2016 WCTKD International scholarship recipients! She also is now employed at the Blue House in South Korea [the equivalent to our White House] as a bodyguard, pretty impressive. You can see a summary about her below in our 2016 category. Below are some pictures from Sungkyunkwan University TKD Team at the National College Tae Kwon Do tournament where she took a bronze medal. Congratulations to her and we wish the best of luck with her future endeavors. Please continue to help support our efforts as they do have an impact of the recipients future.

posted 11-26-19


Christian Benedict – USA

Lalia Herdegen – USA

Samuel Decker – USA


Julie Smelt – USA

Natalie Ford – USA

Nicole O’Grady – USA

Simeon Goolsby – USA

Trang Tran – USA


Ashley McKenzie – USA

Daniel Arguera – USA

Natalie Miner – USA

Steven Huff – USA

Young Lee – USA


Dean Zimmerman – USA

Don Lee – USA

Stephen Huff – USA

Yoon Gi Kim – USA


Jordan Cherry – USA